Ranting is a valid coping strategy… so I applaud this piece (not that you need my approval).

Personally I’m trying to get past the looking at people as a group, but sometimes that’s hard (for example I’m a white guy, probably the last group you want to hear from).

Last time around I was pro-Bernie (although as a Canadian it’s not that important) but like Hillary more than any of the other Democrats. I wanted Warren to run.

I had issues with Kamala Harris, specifically around her pro mandatory minimum sentencing stance. I like Warren a great deal and consider her my number two choice, yes, above Bernie.

However, Andrew Yang managed to have a single policy I believe is the most valuable. Once he drops out I’m completely in favour of Warren (actually, I think she should get the nomination over Yang — the Freedom Dividend would be the best thing to happen to the US since the New Deal, but he won’t get elected president if he gets the nod, Warren has a decent chance).

Also, I’m not (this was supposed to say now — leaving it because it makes the response make sense) writing a piece on leadership and gender because of you… thank you for the inspiration.

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