I was being a touch hyperbolic, but here’s the thing… as I keep saying, automation is happening, we will either deal with it or be crushed by it. UBI is a possible way to deal with that fact. No, the future won’t be an actual utopia, but it can be a good one. There is no path that is guaranteed, or that offers a perfect world, but with automation and UBI both in place we have a chance of having a better world than we have now. If we ignore automation we will discover that it happens anyway. If we don’t do something to deal with mass job loss then the only options are fairly dystopic.

I mean, we have reputable researchers saying the forty fiver percent of jobs will be gone within twenty years. Those researchers are probably being overly conservative, because exponential improvement isn’t something humans are good at understanding.

So, I believe that in twenty years there are no jobs that humans are better at than machines, but that we can still do things, just that we will be doing them because it’s too expensive to replace us… right now.

We can leverage this productivity increase though, we can use it to make our lives better.

I do survival, self-publishing consultation, and writing. Check out my blog: https://dreamtime.logic11.com

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