I think people don’t realise the difference between something like this and the industrial revolution. No, we probably won’t have AGI anytime soon (or hopefully ever, why would we want that?) but we will see machines being purpose built to be better at any task we can do. Literally anything. They are writing novels and winning literary awards, they are composing music from classical to black metal, they are painting, they are winning every possible kind of game. That’s now when the best in the world have close to two percent of human intelligence. Give them fifty percent and we don’t stand even a tiny chance of competing, and we shouldn’t want to.

We can have a future where every person has everything they need or want, where the machines supply all the things, and we are free to do whatever we want… why do so many people strain against this future?

I do survival, self-publishing consultation, and writing. Check out my blog: https://dreamtime.logic11.com

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