Learning life skills you missed is a crucial step

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Late Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with ADHD in my forties. I don’t think it was much of a shock to anyone who knew me, but it was still a long time coming. After 4 decades of struggle, of failing to quite fit, of not being able to do the sort of thing…

Why we shouldn’t fear the coming wave of automation even if it does replace all the jobs

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Digital Manufacturing

3d printing isn’t what most people think it is… it’s slow, it’s hard, and most of the time you need to baby your printer, maintain it far, far more than you think you will have to. It only produces plastic things, and often they aren’t all that good. …

Lord Kelvin’s Belief in God is Irrelevant to God’s Existence

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“If you study science deep enough and long enough it will force you to believe in God”
Lord William Kelvin

So, Lord Kelvin, clearly a great scientist, believed in God and thought that science confirmed his belief.

That’s something that gets trotted out from time to time. It’s one of many arguments that are often used by creationists to promote the idea that science and god are compatible.

It’s also…

How this argument fails completely — now with even more fail

Image copyright the author — despite the beauty of the image I have no reason to believe the sky was created for me to enjoy

If a Watch Require a Watchmaker…

There is a common screed among creationists. They look at the world and say that the parts work together so well, fit so well, that it’s clearly the work of a designer. …

What you read about the MRM is usually poorly researched and wrong, even if the goals are correct

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What is the Manosphere?

When I say the words Men's Rights Movement what comes to mind for you?

Probably Elliot Rodgers and incels right? Maybe calls to boycott movies like Mad Max: Fury Road. Fedoras? For most people, it’s some mix of those things, probably with a bit of Jordan Peterson thrown in.


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